ASCI's mission is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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    Our Vision

    Africa’s creativity is a gift to the world! Whether on the fields of America's sports leagues or in Europe's illustrious museums, African athletes and artists' performances remind us how far the magic of imagination can take us.

    These individual success stories, however, do not fully translate in sustainable economic growth for the 1.4 billion strong continent.  

    How do Africans make sense of this missed opportunity?

    What we do


    ASCI's data and insightful reports help you to detect growth opportunities in the African sports & creative ecosystem.


    our team of experts supports public and private organizations looking to launch initiatives generating wealth for Africa’s unique athletic and creative talent



    We promote homegrown African leadership thanks to education, mentorship, innovation, and technology.


    After several collaborations on a number of publications, ASCI publishes its first book “Economie du sport en Afrique”, that will also be available in English in 2022.

    Économie du sport en Afrique

    Avec un taux de croissance annuel de 5 % depuis 2000, l’économie mondiale du sport est florissante. Afin de définir les perspectives du secteur en Afrique, ASCI et Michel Desbordes ont collaboré avec 53 experts du continent, de Makhtar Diop à Fatma Samoura en passant par Tidjane Thiam et Didier Drogba


    ASCI and its network of global experts produce articles, reports, and recommendations to help build a sustainable sports & creative ecosystem


    Our online and face-to-face events keep you connected with the leaders who build the African sports ecosystem


    When: 6 Sept. 2023

    Where: Cartagena, Colombia

    For the fourth consecutive year, all Public Development Banks (PDBs) will convene to strengthen their partnership and reinforce their commitments in support of common actions for climate change and sustainable development. This year’s edition is co-hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank, CAF, Bancoldex and the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE).
    ASCI’s Executive Chairman & Founder, Will Mbiakop, will join the panel « Sports investment & sustainability ».

    MINEPS VII - Priority Africa Roundtable

    When: 26-29 Jun. 2023

    Where: Baku, Azerbaijan

    The MINEPS VII roundtable “Priority Africa” will offer the perfect platform to discuss priority content and good practices to be included in the Fit for Life Regional Sport Strategy. In addition to key Strategy content, panelists will layer their perspectives and experiences to discuss challenges and opportunities in the operationalization of the Strategy, including related to capacity and resources, and the value of collective action within the Fit for Life frame and in alignment with the African Union 2023 – 2033 Policy Framework for Sustainable Development of Sport in Africa.

    MOCA -Maroc

    When: 18 mai 2023

    Where: Rabat, Maroc

    MOCA – Movement Of Creative Africas, le Festival des Industries Culturelles et Créatives Africaines et afro-descendantes – Maroc

    Du 18 au 21 mai 2023, Rabat capitale africaine de la culture, accueille la 8 ème édition du MOCA.
    le MOCA est le sommet dédié aux industries culturelles et créatives africaines et afro descendantes dans le cadre RABAT Capitale Africaine de la Culture 2022/23, sous le haut patronage de sa majesté LE ROI MOHAMMED VI, sous l’égide du ministère de la culture, la mairie de Rabat et en partenariat avec la CGLU Afrique.
    2 jours de Sommet – 8 conférences sur les industries culturelles et créatives sur le thème : « Pour un Made in Africa durable »

    ASCI, knowledge partenaire du MOCA, apportera un eclairage economique sur les industries culturelles creatives et sportives.

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