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Webinaire: Ecosysteme du Sport en Afrique


Suite à la publication de l’enquête d’opinion ASCI-Mazars, les experts du continent analysent les résultats et proposent leurs solutions. Hosts/Panel: ASCI’s Mohsen Abdel Fattah, Mazars’ Abdou Diop, Didier Drogba, Vera Songwe, Fayçal Laraichi, Mihoub Mezouaghi, Pierre Laporte et Robins Tchale-Watchou

Webinar: The African Sport Ecosystem

Following the launch of the ASCI-Mazars survey, business leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities around Africa sports industry Hosts/Panel: ASCI’s Mohsen Abdel Fattah, Mazars’ Abdou Diop, Didier Drogba, Vera Songwe, Fayçal Laraichi, Mihoub Mezouaghi, Pierre Laporte et Robins Tchale-Watchou

Book Launch: “Economie du Sport en Afrique”


Dans le cadre de la CAN, ASCI a organisé l’évènement de lancement de son livre collectif. Cet évènement privé a comporté une présentation du livre, des panels de discussion puis un cocktail avec des personnalités du continent.

Graffiti Art – Street Art – Still Art: SA REBIRTH

iBi Art and Cream in all Art Invite you to a group exhibition featuring vibrant South African graffiti / street art at iBi Pop Up Gallery in Craighall. Featuring Falko 1, Rasty and Rekso. 3 legendary figures of the South African graffiti scene, are reunited in this group exhibition to present their artworks : paintings, […]

Sports Business Future Stars Camp

Apply here: Sports Business Future Stars Camp is an initiative of Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, the Basketball Africa League BAL and ASCI. This initiative presents a unique opportunity to build skills and share knowledge to young graduates and equip entrepreneurs with what their career /business would look like in the […]

Webinaire: Stop aux Préjugés pour les Femmes dans le Sport

Le sport est souvent dominé par les hommes, ce qui rend son accès difficile pour les femmes. Participez aux 3 épisodes de la série de @EcobankSenegal & ASCI “Stop aux préjugés” consacrée à l’autonomisation des femmes dans le domaine du sport, avec @FlorenceRaes

Webinaire: Economie du Sport en Afrique

Work In The City Johannesburg, in partnership with the Agence Française de Développement, is pleased to invite you to this book event:”Sport Economy in Africa: Realities, Challenges, Opportunities” From the data and statistics compiled in this book, the analysis developed offering pragmatic and innovative solutions, he will explain with passion how the development of sport […]

Africa Brazil Tamojunto Experience

Celebrating Africa heritage in the favelas during Brazil black history week. We put together the Africa Brazill Tamojunto (Together) Experience to inspire 150 boys and girls through sports, creative, life skills and Afro history session

Brazil Africa Forum

The Forum aims at growing academic and business relationship between Brazil and Africa. The 2022 Forum focuses on Building Sustainable Cities!How sports and creative can play a critical role in building sustainable cities with local solutions on both sides of the Atlantic? Answers include social cohesion, SDGs, business innovation, finding new sources of growth and […]

It’s Your Turn! Talk Series with UNECA

ECA launched the ‘It’s your turn!’ talk series as a platform to generate innovative and disruptive ideas for growth that translate into actions for positive and lasting change. The sports industry has an immense socio-economic and cultural impact on the communities. The industry provides avenues for innovative partnerships between African markets and global industries. We […]

Africa Sports Invest Meeting

This event brings together public and private sector leaders to discuss investment opportunities in the African sports industry. Delegates and investors will learn more about the industry dynamics, future trends through the high level research data from ASCI book “Africa Sports Industry: Realities, Challenges and Opportunities “ Attendance for the event will be limited to […]

Africa Sports Invest Meeting

The creative and sports business breakfast event is part of the Africa Sports Invest Summit series is organized by ASCI. This is a unique platform that promotes investment in companies at the cross-section of sports, media, entertainment, art, and culture. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and investors will gather to engage in and uncover the opportunities […]

The Future of Sport in the Global South

African Sports Creative Institute in partnership with Pro Sport Development, is excite to announce a webinar on ‘The future of sport in the global south - perspectives from Africa and India’. Featuring an esteemed panel of speakers, the webinar will be centered around potential areas of collaboration and ways in which the sport industries of […]


MINEPS VII – Priority Africa Roundtable

The MINEPS VII roundtable “Priority Africa” will offer the perfect platform to discuss priority content and good practices to be included in the Fit for Life Regional Sport Strategy. In addition to key Strategy content, panelists will layer their perspectives and experiences to discuss challenges and opportunities in the operationalization of the Strategy, including related […]


For the fourth consecutive year, all Public Development Banks (PDBs) will convene to strengthen their partnership and reinforce their commitments in support of common actions for climate change and sustainable development. This year's edition is co-hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank, CAF, Bancoldex and the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE).ASCI’s Executive Chairman […]

Future Stars Experience

On the side of the World Bank-IMF annual meetings, we will be hosting a sports day dedicated to inspiring youth through the transformative power of sports. The ASCI Future Stars Experience is a 360 educational experience including panel discussions, workshop, Meet & Greet with sports stars and sports legends from football, basketball NBA, athletics and more. Register […]


Investing in Africa for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development

What is holding back investment in Africa? Foreign direct investment (FDI) to the continent decreased from 12% of the world’s total in 2017 to less than 6% in 2021. Yet, Africa boasts a huge diversity of assets, not least in its young and vibrant human capital, and vast renewable energy resources. These should attract a […]



ASCI is sponsoring the 3rd Edition of the International Akoma Dance Spirit Festival which seeks to promote African-rooted dance and music talent whilst encouraging love, peace, tolerance and unity within the local, regional and global dance community.The name of the Festival came from Akoma which is an Akan word and symbol, a native language from […]

Sport en Afrique : Modèles de Financement et Outils de Développement

MEDEF 55 Avenue Bosquet, Paris, France

En dépit de son fort potentiel de développement en Afrique, l’industrie du sport ne constitue que 0,5% du PIB de la région et n’est que très peu inclus dans les politiques nationales de développement ainsi que dans les investissements publics comme privés. Cette conférence a pour but de réunir les acteurs de l’industrie sportif afin […]

Understanding The Game !

Africa sports industry is booming and emerging as a vehicle of major socio-economic impact. What are the ecosystem’s realities, the challenges and investment opportunities? Understanding the Game! Conference will shed light on the above through insightful keynote speeches, thought provoking panels with industry experts and sports legends. The conference will also feature the book launch […]