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OECD Africa Forum 2023 ASCI - Investing in Africa for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development

The 22nd International Economic Forum on Africa was organised by the OECD Development Centre and the African Union Commission in partnership with ASCI, AFD and CDP  During the Forum, Africa’s leaders, movers, and shakers explored the  continent’s untapped opportunities, reviewed policy options to boost sustainable investment, and discussed reforms in the global financial architecture that can enhance its access to affordable finance.


Ohio University The Inaugural Global Sports Summit ASCI

ASCI Executive Chairman Will Mbiakop shares his thought on how the financial institutions would boost the growth of Africa sports industry More on


France 24 Eye on Africa Will Mbiakop ASCI Interview 30 Oct 2023

South Africa is still relishing its victory after Saturday’s big win at the Rugby World Cup. President Ramaphosa has declared December 15 a public holiday and said that sports could unite a country. We speak to Will Mbiakop, Executive Chairman of the African Sports and Creative Institute about the economic returns sports can bring to the continent, a topic that will be discussed at the OECD forum this week. And finally King Charles III heads to Kenya for a four-day visit.


Ohio University The Inaugural Global Sports Summit ASCI - NBA

ASCI Executive Chairman Will Mbiakop joins the Summit and share his thoughts on the NBA development and the business of basketball in Africa.


Future Stars Experience ASCI UM6P Voice of Africa WB IMF Annual Meetings

On the side of the World Bank-IMF annual meetings, ASCI & UM6P hosted a sports day dedicated to inspiring youth through the transformative power of sports. The ASCI Future Stars Experience is a 360 educational experience including panel discussions, workshop, Meet & Greet with sports stars and sports legends from football, basketball NBA, athletics and more.


Ohio University Global Sports Summit - Mission Vision ASCI

ASCI Executive Chairman Will Mbiakop joined the Inaugural Global Sports Summit 2023 – he talks about ASCI vision and mission and how the institute is changing the game in Africa


France24 Will Mbiakop Interview

Will Mbiakop intervient lors du journal de France 24 sur la coupe du monde de Rugby et surtout le potentiel economique du sport en Afrique.


Finance In Common Summit (FICS) - ASCI Sports Business 2023

Recap of ASCI Executive Chairman Will Mbiakop during the 2023 FICS in Cartagena, Colombia. He explained how sports can change the public development banks’ game. He focuses on his very own Pace and Space model: Pace to close deals fast and space for sustainable financial innovation.

The future of Sports in the Global South: India and Africa

African Sports & Creative Institute and Pro Sports Development join forces to deliver an unprecedented webinar exploring the commonalities, differences, best practices and opportunities in both territories. A panel of experts from Africa and India share their experience and view on the future trends.


"Sports Industry changing Africa" ASCI Exec Chairman Will Mbiakop on CNN Connecting Africa

This is what leveraging the value chain of sports could mean for Africa’s economic growth: With a huge potential to transform the continent’s socio-economic and cultural development, growing the sports industry across Africa could be key to luring investment opportunities while playing a crucial role accelerating intra-Africa trade. ASCI Executive Chairman joins Eleni Giokos to explain how sports industry is developing in Africa.


L'economie du sport va transformer l'Afrique - Will Mbiakop President ASCI sur TV5 Monde, explique

Will Mbiakop President Executif de l’ASCI (african sport and creative institute) est dans le Journal Afrique de TV5 Monde pour parler de l’economie du sport en Afrique, les realites, challenges et opportunites dont la NBA, le football, la BAL et bien encore.


It’s Your Turn! Talk Series with UNECA


ECA launched the ‘It’s your turn!’ talk series as a platform to generate innovative and disruptive ideas for growth that translate into actions for positive and lasting change. The sports industry has an immense socio-economic and cultural impact on the communities. The industry provides avenues for innovative partnerships between African markets and global industries. We discuss the opportunities that sports create to drive a prosperous and sustainable Africa.


Brazil Africa Forum 2022 - Sports Sessions



The role of sports to acelerate suistainable development in the cities.


Africa Brazil Tamojunto Experience


Celebrating our African Heritage in the Brazilian Favelas

We have brought together some extraordinary inspirators from the sports and creative industries to drive the experience and further create a sustainable social platform between Africa and Brazil


Break the Bias for Women in Sports / Stop aux Préjugés pour les Femmes dans le Sport

In this webinar, ASCI and its partner Ecobank invite 3 experts to highlight the many ways sports contribute to women’s economical and social empowerment in Africa. Join us to hear from international basketball player Batouly Camara, founder of Sports Connect Africa Cynthia Mumbo, and Director for Central & West Africa at UN Women Florence Raes.


Sports Business Future Stars Camp


Best-in-class training on careers in the sports industry. 21-28 May, Kigali

Unique opportunity to build skills and share knowledge to young graduates and equip entrepreneurs with the tools to strive in their career/business in the sports industry.

Et si vous me disiez tout TV5 Monde Mohsen Abdel Fattah, ASCI - Denise Epotée


Mohsen Abdel Fattah, Directeur Général de l’ASCI répond aux questions de Denise Epotée sur le potentiel du secteur du sport en Afrique.

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Développer un écosystème du sport prospère et durable en Afrique - ASCI au JT Afrique - TV5 Monde

Mohsen Abdal Fattah – Directeur Général ASCI – est intervenu dans le Journal Afrique de TV5 pour présenter les opportunités” que présentent le développement de l’économie du sport en Afrique. Un sujet développé dans l’ouvrage collectif “Economie du Sport en Afrique : Réalités, Défis & Opportunités”.

Webinaire: Economie du Sport en Afrique


Suite à la sortie du nouveau livre “Economie du Sport en Afrique: réalités, défis, opportunités” African Sports & Creative Institute et Sports Africa Network vous invitent à rejoindre 4 des contributeurs pour une discussion animée par l’entrepreneuse Maureen Ojong.


Book Launch Event


Book: Economie du Sport en Afrique

Didier Drogba, Fatma Samoura, Tidjane Thiam, Makhtar Diop, Rémy Rioux, Vera Songwe : ASCI rassemble un groupe exceptionnel d’experts de l’économie et du sport en Afrique pour présenter un livre inédit.

Webinar Series: The African Sports Ecosystem


ASCI’s Mohsen Abdel Fattah and Mazars’ Abdou Diop present the survey of 500 African sports leaders, before discussing the results with panelists Didier Drogba, Vera Songwe, Fayçal Laraichi, Mihoub Mezouaghi, Pierre Laporte et Robins Tchale-Watchou